SEBIO - 'Ephemeral'

SEBIO, the solo project of Bostonian Stephan Nordgren, expands upon Sunny Day Real Estate-era emo with gorgeous cascading guitar lines and huge, spacious percussion. A free download and a must-listen for anyone who's ever enjoyed any of Jeremy Enigk's work.

Friends Crossing

These two scratchy, lo-fi confessionals that just slipped out under the moniker Friends Crossing delve into astonishingly raw places. 

Quilt - 'Cowboys in the Void'

The vocal harmonies on this cut from Quilt's self-titled LP create an almost trance-like atmosphere. Dive into their '60s-inspired psychedelia and float away.

Andy Chervenak - 'POBONIAT'

Off the Half Pint Collective's second mixtape release, here's a weird little lo-fi ditty from Andy Chervenak of Grass Is Green.

Sky Flying By - 'Passing Through Unnoticed'

I love the way Sky Flying By balances hard guitars and soft, chirpy synths in this track off their new record What's the Farthest You Can See? Great stuff for those up on the post-rock tip.

Soft Pyramids - 'Prisoner's Tune'

Soft Pyramids wrote and recorded their debut Electric Scenes EP in and around the Boston area. If you dig their sparkling guitar rock, catch them at The Middle East on February 24th.


Gem Club - 'Breakers'

This self-described "slow wave" outfit comes off a little like Perfume Genius with their slow, ethereal piano tracks. The title track to their latest record is a cloudy lullaby to warm you up on the inside.


Speedy Ortiz - 'Cutco'

Evoking a defeatist Helium or a sunburnt Pixies, these Northampton kids make the kind of early '90s garage rock that fits precisely into the battered vantage of this millennium. Their debut LP is now available as a free download from their Bandcamp. Well worth the click.

Mutual Benefit - 'Passenger'

"Bathe in the lo-fi hum."

Like vinyl, cassettes are on their way back--and they make the perfect vessel for the kind of delicate, analog bedroom pop groups like Mutual Benefit are putting out. Off their split tape with New York's Phillip Seymour Hoffman, here they are with "Passenger". Bathe in the lo-fi hum. It'll keep you warm through the winter. 


Magic Man - 'Darling'

Magic Man's long-form 8-bit tapestries put the average Gameboy composer to shame. Off the LP Real Life Color, here's the lovely tune "Darling".